Scott Barrett

Software Engineer / Web Developer / Desktop & Mobile

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I'm an online software engineer for 2k games working on various online services to support video games.

I also work on many projects outside of my day to day job including being the developer for the wonderful travel agent(s): MEI-Travel, Mouse Fan Travel & Universal Fan Travel and I'm also working on a new Disney collector's based project based on my now defunkt project Dizcollect.

My Past

I worked on a very large Ruby on Rails application for O'Reilly Media that was already in place and used for worldwide conference booking.

I was the technical lead (and only techincal person) at Salt Branding a leading branding and marketing firm in San Francisco. While there I consulted on technical web development with partner firms, clients and also built many web based applications.

In 2011 I worked for myself as a contractor working on several large projects including:

  • Maintaing and updating Lines and PayPal payment implementation for TouringPlans subscriptions.
  • Built a now closed down Ruby on Rails web application which allowed marketing companies to maintain videos and other digital assets which could be used on their web sites. The engine could transcode both binary images and videos to various formats for use on the web.
  • Worked on various marketing websites for various San Francisco based marketing and web firms.

My Past... Past...

I worked for Francis Ford Coppola, building the framework and sites for his wineries, movies and other various ideas he would have on a month to month basis.

I worked many years at Lucasfilm as the lead web developer for,,, and other Lucasfilm property websites.

Worked as a contractor for several Los Angeles and San Fracisco agencies working on movie flash sites for various movie studios.